Subscribers self service portal is rapidly in demand with the increase in Subscriber base as the cost of Subscribers service is unaffordable for the company.  With the growing complexity in business it’s leading to increase and management of processes, applications and user database. The information and data being stored at multiple locations consumes more time to integrate. The costs and the dependence on human interface, thus added pressure on company finances. As Subscribers servicing is on a decline users expect faster services and access through multiple channels like the Internet and mobile phones.

In today’s world people are highly connected and have easier access to information than ever before. Consumers are very fluent using the Web and need a very fast convenient self service portal to find solutions on their own. Subscribers prefer the self service portals over the conventional agent support as they find it time consuming. The Subscribers service portals act as a knowledge base for the users. It is a powerful & intuitive tool that helps your Subscribers find answers to their problems instantly.

UniCRM offers a very unique and interactive Self service portal’s for subscriber’s to manage their accounts, UniCRM facilitates Subscriber’s to print invoice, do payments, upgrade channel packages, open service tickets, Play games on the portal and many more.

The highlights of the Subscribers self service portal are:

  • Subscribers can access self service portal anytime, anywhere 24X7
  • Reducing load on your help desk with auto-suggest solutions when a request is raised
  • Categorize, group solutions for easier access and quicker search
  • Allowing Subscribers the ability to create, track, close and re-open tickets.
  • Improves transparency with Subscribers
  • Displaying information about New packages
  • Subscribers can purchase, change and edit channel packages
  • Integrated Payment Gateways like Paypal, CC Avenue,, Paycommerce. Payment gateway’s from local banks can also be integrated.
  • Subscriber’s social Page
  • Subscriber can avail support via live chat, email or web based voip
  • Subscriber’s have a interactive login with games to play
  • Subscriber’s can request a phone call support

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