In the commercial world the importance of a customer support and relationship is one of the major areas where companies are making their strong grip, to serve a customer in a better way companies are targeting better solutions to support them. Today importance of retaining customers and business growth is paramount, UniCRM helps companies to gain an insight into the behavior of their customers and manage their business operations to ensure that the customers are getting the best support, In essence, UniCRM helps a company to recognize the value of their customers, it improves relations with customers, UniCRM provides a platform to understand customers needs to focus on their needs. UniCRM helps Customer service and management to cope up with customer concerns and issues, Business owners and management can have a 360 Degree view of Customers database in terms of Feedbacks, suggestions, Support Ticket status and Sales performance of the sales team.

UniCRM provides ease of access to gather and organize information about customers and let Companies to analyze the future opportunities , companies can easily do a segment analysis of various types of customers which may vary from product to product, this analysis involves taking the customers perspective and identifying what they require and what they are not buying, this information can be very useful for companies to develop sales strategies which will offer customers a new range of products in affordable prices,.

UniCRM is here to give a “wow” experience to customers and companies, a web based application developed to provide a user friendly environment to its users, a much secured application which will control user limits. We proudly call it as a next generation CRM for Media and Broadcasting Industry

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